We view the character development of our young sailors as an equally important goal.   We believe that learning to sail can be a transformative, character-building experience for youth and that sailing is a way to help children develop confidence, self-reliance, personal responsibility, a sense of friendly and fair competition and an appreciation of the marine environment as well as an opportunity to develop peer leadership and teamwork skills.

The West End Racing Children's Community Sailing program is one of Provincetown's best kept secrets. It is a non-profit children's sailing program for  ages 8-14  providing lessons and equipment for a seasonal registration fee of $100.00 for your first child and 50.00 for any other children in the same family. The program is open to children, both residents and visitors, in Provincetown and Truro.   There will be a program instructor and assistant instructors on duty at all times. Regular hours are 9-noon and

1-4 pm weekdays in July

and August varying with the weather and tides.

West End Racing Children's Community Sailing will not be open for the 2020 summer season. WERCCS is looking forward to reopening next year and plan on setting sail for the summer of 2021!



Our mission is to provide low-cost, affordable instruction in sailing and sailboat racing in a fun and safe environment to children in Provincetown and Truro between the ages 8 and 14.


​West End Racing Children's Community Sailing

Summer sailing program for children in Provincetown

Our Program


Located in the 'West End' of Provincetown we own beach front property and maintain a boathouse at 83 Commercial Street.  We own a number of different kinds of watercraft including dinghies, kayaks, Sun Fish and Topaz Uno sailboats.  Our sailing program provides instruction in all phases of sailing from beginner through intermediate to advanced levels.  There will be a special instructor to work with advanced sailors.