There is a registration fee of $100.00 for your first child and $50.00 for any other children in the same family which covers participation in all, or any part of, our summer program.   We waive the fee for children who cannot afford it.  We are able to charge such a small amount as a result of the efforts of our volunteers, the support we receive from community businesses and organizations, our accumulation of registration fees from prior years, and the many unsolicited donations that were made to our program in memory of one of our founders, Francis "Flyer" Santos, an iconic figure in Provincetown's history who died in the spring of 2015 at the age of 100.

2023 summer sailing season details will be coming soon! Please see the Register Page for important information.

All children must abide by a written Code of Ethics which stresses reaching out to others. At the time of enrollment, each parent (or guardian) must read and explain the code to their child/children.

Our program is open for the summer months and provides instruction in all phases of sailing from beginner through intermediate to advanced levels. There are two lead program instructors, instructor assistants, and a specialist instructor who works with our advanced sailors.

Instruction is provided through written materials, through peer learning (new and/or inexperienced children are paired with more experienced children in small groups of three to six under instructor supervision), through on the water training exercises, instructor guidance, progressive competency testing, and by participation in and/or observation of intramural sailboat races which are held two to three times a week. Water safety is always emphasized by our instructors and more experienced youth sailors.

Our program operates on a drop-in basis. Parents/legal guardians may register their child at any time during the program.  Children may attend on days of their choice.

We work with the area schools to promote the program.   We are also a member of the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce.  Over the years thousands of children have attended our program.   Annually we have an enrollment of 140-160 children.

The 2020 Summer season will begin with registration starting on June 22, 2020 in person at 83 Commercial St.  Our long time dedicated instructors, Susan Avellar and Dan Hoeflinger, are returning for another exciting season.

We gratefully acknowledge the support that the original West End Racing Club has received over sixty odd years from members of the community, summer visitors, artists, local businesses, community organizations, and the help received from Flyers Boat Shop and Crew.  We hope to receive your continued support.

To former members of the original West End Racing Club, we hope to hear from you about your experiences and memories of your time spent at 'the Club'.

As a continuation of the West End Racing Club's youth program, we have well over 60 years' experience in providing instruction in sailing, sailboat racing, seamanship, and navigation to children.

We are located at 83 Commercial Street in Provincetown in a boathouse on the beach.  We sail in ocean water designated as a protected cove by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  We provide safety equipment and life jackets for our young sailors and have both on-the-beach and on-the-water supervision when children are on the water.  Additionally,
we require that children be able to swim a distance of 100 feet without assistance in order to enroll in our program.


From West End Racing Club to
West End Racing Children's Community Sailing

by Janet Greenquist

The West End Racing Club began as a small childrens' sailing group with two borrowed Weasel sailboats from Margie Seaver and Richard Santos on Flyers Boat Shop beach across from 94 Commercial St in the early 1950’s.  Local parents and some summer resident parents organized and in late 1953 the West End Racing Club was incorporated. The original directors were Francis Santos, Joseph Andrews, Frank Rogers, Richard Santos, George F. Miller, Jr., William Hurlbert and Lawrence Richmond.  Today only one original director is still alive, Joseph Andrews.  Through the dedication, hard work and leadership of the original directors, land was purchased at 83 Commercial St and in 1957 the current building was erected.  (As I remember Richard Santos was the original instructor with a lot of help from Larry Richmond.)

Several generations, instructors, trophies and award dinners, and hundreds of new young sailors later, the West End Racing Club reorganized as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization in February 2017.  The new name is the 
West End Racing Children's Community Sailing, Inc.  Our goal is “to provide low cost, affordable instruction in sailing and sailboat racing in a safe and fun environment to all children of qualifying age who desire to participate in the towns of Provincetown and Truro, MA, and to foster in young sailors an appreciation of the towns’ sailing heritage and marine environment and a desire to become responsible and caring adult members of their communities.



​West End Racing Children's Community Sailing

Summer sailing program for children in Provincetown


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JAMES F. SANTOS - Director